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My Beauty Diary Collagen Firming Mask, 10 pcs

$14.99 (as of April 28, 2017, 8:19 pm)

Plumpness and transparency
Firms skin
For all skin types, recommended for skin lacking elasticity, wrinkles, and lines

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Product Description

My Attractiveness Diary ‘s Collagen Toning Masks’s vintage collagen factor, is extracted from the marine collagen of Jap deep sea fishes. This wealthy and nourishing component is very important to wholesome pores and skin. Hello tech hydrolyzed marine elastin, has a plumping impact on pores and skin giving it a company and younger glance. With this younger glow, the name of the game of your age is stored secure. The vitalizing and Toning serve as of ginseng extracts is carried out to turn on and renew the outside. As well as, the uncommon inexperienced algae extract essence that come from the ocean spaces of France, steadily supplies pores and skin with extensive and lengthy lasting moisture to refine pores and skin texture.
Plumpness and transparency
Companies pores and skin
For all pores and skin varieties, really helpful for pores and skin missing elasticity, wrinkles, and features
Date of manufacture shelf existence; Imprinted on the package deal

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